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Im Artikel „Libraries 2.0“ des Scientist, der „Secrets from science librarians that can save you hours of work“ preisgibt, werden auch 10 Tips genannt, wie man als Student bzw. Researcher das meiste aus seinem Bibliothekar rausholen kann:

  1. Power of Three
  2. Get Rid of Duplicates
  3. Get a Sneak Peak
  4. Keep it in Writing: „Instead of calling your librarian for help or visiting the library, start by sending an Email request, advises UCSF’s Banks. Librarians are dogged creatures who won’t rest until a citation or article is found, often forwarding the E-mail to fellow librarians who may have search ideas or know of specialized resources.“
  5. Ask for it!: „Most people don’t realize that libraries have spending budgets and can get backfiles -older records- to all online journals, says Lori Bronars, life science librarian at Yale University.“
  6. Get Tagging: „[…] Tag particular articles, databases, and Web sites and find like-interested researchers who may have tagged the same things. Some universities have set up their own internal tagging systems, such as PennTags at the University of Pennsylvania.“ [-> PennTags: http://tags.library.upenn.edu/]
  7. Make a Date: „Invite your science librarian to a weekly lab meeting or journal club. […]“
  8. Follow up
  9. Archive 2.0: „Ask your librarian to create a blog that he/she updates regularly with search tips for databases. […]“
  10. Set a Time Cap

[via bibliothekarisch.de und InetBib]


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