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currently you can read some posts about the ny times article „a hipper crowd of shushers“ in german blogs and mailing lists. here are my two cents about it:

i really like the image of librarians that the article conveys because i can totally identifiy myself with it. but will it actually beat the current cliché (whatever that is)? and is it really so much better? i definitely don’t want it to become another cliché. cause having a new cliché instead of an old on is still – a cliché!

yet the article provides a new perspective on librarianship. after all we’re NOT reading books all day and we’re no longer just surrounded by books. there are other media, too – and lots of exciting new tasks and challenges (most of which have something to do with „library 2.0“). so that’s definitely a desirable perspecitve!

will that also bring a lot of web 2.0 interested folks into librarianship? i doubt that. cause after all one article is not enough to change our customers‘ and potential soon-to-be libarians‘ image of our profession. the services of the library and user-oriented librarians have to speak for themselves to make a change. and while i think that in the united states there already is a shifted focus (correct me if i’m wrong!) i’d say that in germany we’re still far away! that’s why we keep blogging about library 2.0.

and i hope to make my contribution to that.


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